RozDhan app: Play games and earn 15,000 per month.

Roz Dhan: Play games or read the news to earn money. Well now everyone wants to earn money by sitting at home with zero investment. 

Now you can earn money with the RozDhan app by watching videos, read articles, play games and referral to your friend. 

This is an amazing app that allowed you to earn money with simple tasks.

What is a RozDhan app, and how it is work?

Well, Roz Dhan is an Indian application where you can earn money with a different type of methods just like complete some tasks, refer code to your friend, play games online and read articles.

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How to earn money from Rozdhan app?

This is a free platform application where you can participate yourself absolutely free. You can download this application directly to your mobile and earn money in any corner of the world.

This is a popular app and anyone can earn online.

Roz dhan: earn money online, read news and play games

2. Who can use this application?

This a free application and everyone can use this app. There is no need for any type of qualification to use this particular app.

You can use this as a part-time job and this is very beneficial for those who are uneducated, students and housewives.

3. How to USE this application, and how to register on this app.

This is very simple and easy to download. If you have an IOS operator then go to your app store and android users open their play store.

Now search the Rozdhan application in the search bar.

Roz dhan: earn money online, read news and play games
Rozdhan application.
  • You can this type of interface of Roz Dhan application. This an up to ten-megabyte(10 MB)an application which very small in size.
  • Now simply click on download option and install this application on your mobile phone. After installing this application simply click on the open app.
  • Now you can see the language interface. You can choose Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and English
Roz dhan: earn money online, read news and play games
Select your language
  • Now you can see three different types of options to log in this application. You can choose the phone number, Facebook and google account option to sign up on this platform. 
  • If you choose a phone number and google account option a verification code will be sent on your number and email as well as.
  • When you log in this application 25 rupees will be credit in your account.
  • Now you can get your own referral code and invite your friends via this code, moreover, you can earn 25 rupees per friend. You just earn 50 rupees in just 2 minutes without doing anything. 

4. How many methods to earn money instantly.

  • Now simply click on earn option in the bottom bar in the application.
  • There are several simple methods to earn money just in minutes.
  • You can earn money by referring to someone, complete your profile information, share articles, Read and watch FAQs.

Roz dhan: earn money online, read news and play games
How to earn
The second way to earn money: You can see a join our We media option, where you can write your own articles and publish on this application.

You can earn 50 rupees when you publish your first article, 100 rupees in the second article, then 300 rupees when you won the final competition.

Roz dhan: earn money online, read news and play games
The second method to earn money.

  • The third method to earn money on this application: You can see Games option in the bottom bar and just simply click on that option.
  • A new interface will be open and you see too many games play option on this page.
  • You simply click on the play button and earn coins for making money online.

Roz dhan: earn money online, read news and play games
Earn money by playing games.

  • The fourth way to earn money: Now you just come back on your first page and you see many videos and articles there.
  • You just earn money from that article but remember a thing when your account becomes 3 days old then you start earning from articles.

5. How to get payment from this application.

  • You can withdraw your money from this application is very simple and easy.
  • You can withdraw 200 rupees at one time. You just an optional need for a pan card to reduce TDS.
  • You just withdraw money up to 5 times in a day.
  • You read other information in the below pic.

Roz dhan: earn money online, read news and play games
How to withdraw money


This is a 100 safe and genuine app. I cross-check this application and I found no issue regarding this application.

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