My 9 Experienced ways to help you to earn money from Facebook in 2020.

Facebook is used by everyone if he/she college student or older person. Nowadays, small kids also use this aap to chat with their friends.

When I use Facebook, one thing comes in mind, or I think you also think about How to earn money from Facebook.

So in this article, I will tell you my old ways how I earn a lot of money from Facebook. 

Step1: Niche

Niche means the work you specialize in, and no one can do it better than you. Before starting any work, we should know which work is done quickly and in the right way.

If you get a perfect niche in which you can work well, then you will never be defeated in our life.

Keep in your mind, first Listen to your heart and soul before starting any work in which work he is interested. By doing this, you will do your work very efficiently.

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earn money from Facebook

2: Create your page

After finding out your niche, you have to create a page on your Facebook. To create a page on Facebook, you have to find name according to your niche so when people come to your page, and they will know by the name of the page what you publish on this Facebook page.

You want to keep your page name unique, then everyone can remember it. The page name should not match someone else's page. Otherwise, your page will not appear in the search.

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3: Connect the audience

earn money from Facebook

After creating the page, you have to share your page with friends so that more people can connect with you. You have to provide valuable information on your page so that the people who came to your page and connected with you.

The more people join you, the more your earnings will increase. You never have to cheat with your public.

4: Earn from FB brand collabs Manager

When you have 1000 followers on your account, the Brand Collabs Manager option will be enabled in Facebook.

In this option, some companies give you money to promote the brand. But taking a promotion is not so easy, for that you have to write good content and that content should match the product of that company.

If you get a sponsorship, then you can easily earn $ 300 to $ 1000 of an aid.

One thing to always keep in mind is that the email of fake sponsorship will also come, from which you have to avoid, otherwise in case your account will be deleted or can be stolen.

5.Earn from Fb Monetization

After the brand clubs, if you have 10,000 followers, then you can get your page monetized by Facebook. It is very important to have your content unique to get it monetized. Otherwise, your account will not be monetized.

how to earn money from facebook
After monetization, whatever content will be on your page, like if there is a video, then it will have an AIDS show like we all see on YouTube.

Any ADS show on Facebook is very expensive, and we earn more than other online platforms. You will always have to upload content so that your followers are associated with you.

6. Earn from affiliate marketing.

You can do everything on Facebook, the only condition is that you do not void Facebook's policy.

You can easily earn money from affiliate marketing on Facebook. If you have too many followers, then you can share the products of Amazon and Flipkart on Facebook.

All the people who are associated with you will buy those products from which you will also get a commission from the affiliate program.

This can be the easiest way if your Facebook account is not monetized, then you can earn thousands of rupees in this way.

7. Sell old account

Yes, if you have more accounts and you are working on an account, then you can sell that old account. You will find a lot of people online who will be interested in buying your account.

But your account should also be unique and followers on it. There is no policy Violate on your account.

8. facebook groups

If you have good followers, then you can create a Facebook group. If thousands of followers are added to your page, then any company will contact you to sponsor their products.

You can publish articles on that page, and if you have a website, you can send your followers to the site.

If you have an app of your own, then you can share it in the group, which will make your app more downloadable.

9. sell own brand

Nowadays, there are many websites online that give you free online shops. You can add products to those shops, and you can sell that product with as much profit as you want.

In your group, you can share the link of that website and share its link in the post, from which you will earn.

online shop apps
.Meesho app


If you search this query on google like how to earn money from Facebook. Then this article helps you to make money from Facebook because I also use these methods to cash from Facebook.

Facebook becomes more popular day by day, so you can take benefits of this thing to earn more from Facebook. Facebook is the second largest online platform that pays more money when it shows ads.

Facebook is easy to use because the interface of this app is straightforward and unique. Facebook also add some extra feature in their app to pay more their user. 
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