How to make money on Instagram. 9 unique ways to earn from Instagram 2020.

Everyone wants to earn money online, whether it is a housewife or a student, any man who has information about the Internet. We find ways to make money sitting at home every day on the Internet.

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Nowadays, Instagram is the most popular platform because it has now been bought by Facebook, and many changes have been made in it. So when we use Instagram, then it definitely comes to our mind that how to make money on Instagram.
How to make money on Instagram

If we can do the earning, then what will we have to do for it, how will we also be able to earn money? So I will answer all the questions today in my article that how you can make money from Instagram.

How much money can you earn from Instagram

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You can make more money on Instagram, and less money also depends on the company how much the company that gives you sponsorship can pay. If you are sponsored by a top company, then you can easily earn 500 dollars.

1. Instagram story

Zee's friends, we can earn money from our well-heard Instagram story. First of all, we have to increase our followers. So for that, we have to work on one topic like news, tech, photographs, funny videos, jobs. You can start working on whatever topic you like. Gradually people will start connecting with you if your topic is excellent and exciting.

If your followers are good, you can get sponsorship from any company whose link you will give in your story, which people will buy, and the company will provide you with money in return.

2. Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing, you will all know that as we shop from Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and any other online site, and if we promote the products of that company and someone buys it, then we get its commission. In the same way, we share that product with a story going post on our Instagram, so whoever buys it, we will get its profit.
How to make money on Instagram

3. Earning by sending users to the website

If you have any website and monetize it with Google Adsense then, you can send the users to your website, and they can make more impressions on your website ads so that there is growth in your earnings. With that, your website ranking should also be increased.

4. Online Teaching

If you have any talent that you want to share with someone else, then you can share your short videos on Instagram, so that people will start picking up with you and you will also get fame. You can go viral like this, and people will follow you more and more.
How to make money on Instagram

5. make money with article

If you post photos or content on your account, then the company can approach you very quickly that you can go to their article and promote their website from which you will get money. You can also promote their company by putting hashtag it.

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6. online influencer

The best way is that you can guide your followers correctly so that more people will join you, and your fans will be involved. You will benefit from this, whatever you know, you can share any product with the people, and they can get the right information. With this, you will get an opportunity to review affiliate marketing and other company's products, from which you can earn money.

7. Online Marketing

Online marketing is the best platform. Everyone does online shopping, and it is also time-saving, so people prefer it. You can open your online shop and share photos of them in your story and post, from which people will see those products, and if they like it, they will buy it, which will earn you.


You all know that Facebook has acquired Instagram and has added a new feature in it called IGTV and on which you can upload your 1-minute longer video like we do on YouTube.

If your followers are right, then you can easily monetize them, and your videos will have an ad show like YouTube shows. Whichever user will watch your video and will have a show ads, you will also be earning.

9. Promote other accounts

Yes, you heard right, imagine that if you have a photography niche and another person also work on the same niche. So he quickly contacts you if you have good followers on your account and that one pays you to promote their account your Instagram account.

You can charge as much you want because you have the same niche and thousands of active users on your account.

How to make money on Instagram

We all use Instagram, whether it is to follow someone or to talk to someone. If we use these methods with him, then we can easily do the earning and that too by sitting at home. In the coming years, Instagram will become more popular, and competition will also erupt. So we should start this work from today so that we can do good earning in the future.

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Keep one thing in your mind, upload your content daily to make your users active on your own account. Never make fool your audience; otherwise, people do hate you, and you can be lost your followers.

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