Do you want to win Paytm cash by sitting at home. Learn how? Pillowbux.

Today I will tell you how to win Paytm cash in a day by sitting at home. If you are a student or housewife, then you definitely need some extra income for yourself.

These tricks will not make you a millionaire in a day, but I promise you definitely earn some extra income.

how to win paytm cash

This is a digital era, and everyone wants to earn online, and this is also the best way to make with your other job. 

Now I will tell you some top Paytm earning apps that get paid on Download or some paid when you play games or do some surveys. Read this article and share this with your friends.

1. Databuddy app

The Databuddy app offers free Paytm cash for everyone. This is a free app, and there is no need for any investment. Databuddy app also provides other methods to earn money like, if we use this app and refer to our friends and relatives. When they download it, we can get a commission from this databuddy app.
  • We can also get cashback from this website when we pay money online like recharge mobile phones or do online shopping.
  • When we participate in this app, we can even win some exclusive gifts.
  • We can also get Free internet from the databuddy app.
  1. Go to play store and search the Databuddy app.
  2. Click on the install option and register yourself with email or mobile number.

2. Prime Cash app

This is an Indian app which is situated in Ahmedabad city. You can get free Paytm cash from this app by sitting at home. We can also get free coupons from this app to get off on online shopping.
  • Go to play store and search Prime cash app.
  • Download and open it, enter your mobile number or email address to use this app.
  • You can also learn about new viral videos on this Prime cash app.
  • Do some online tasks to earn Paytm cash.

3. Pocket money app

This is a universal app and excellent to win Paytm cash. Pocket money app provides some types of task to their users. When you complete those tasks, you will get Paytm cash.

  • You can win free Paytm cash from the Pocket money app.
  • You can also earn free mobile recharge coupons when completing some tasks.
  1. Open your play store and search the Pocket money app.
  2. Install this app and submit your details to use this app.

4. paybox app

This is the most excellent app ever. We can win Paytm cash in this app, and also we can join some other tasks to get more money. This is a free app, and you can start earning from this app with zero investment.
  • Play games, and you can also win Paytm cash from this app.
  • This app provides some apps to download, and you can get Paytm money. Simply download the app from this Paybox and delete it after some time.
  1. You can download this app in the play store and install it.
  2. Then fill some details to use this app.

5.  4 fun app

In this app, you can make some funny videos and do a live chat with friends. You can also do some online tasks in this app to win Paytm cash by sitting at home.
  • Download this app from the play store and run it.
  • Enter your mobile number to register in this app.

6. Helo app

This is an official mobile app in the play store. In this app, you can watch videos, play games, chat with friends, get Whatsapp status, and much more.

You can get Paytm cash in this app when you refer to this app with your friends and relatives.
  • Simply download this app from the play store.
  • Install this app and run it.
  • Register yourself in this app with a mobile number.

7. Vclip app

In this app, you can see many different types of tasks like share Whatsapp status and watch videos. You can get free Paytm cash from this app when you share Whatsapp status with your friends and others.

You can also earn when you refer to this app in your friend circle. Moreover, you can also get internet data from this mobile app.
  • Download this app from google play store.
  • Install and run this app by entering your mobile number.

8. Cashout app

This app provides 20 tasks in which you can get free Paytm cash, amazon gifts, google play gifts, and Walmart gif cards by sitting at home. This mobile app has a good user rating, and you can trust it.
  • You can earn money from this app by doing online surveys.
  • By watching videos and you can get daily 10 point bonus from this app
  1. Download this app from google play store and install it.
  2. Complete some tasks to earn more points.

9. Feature points

This is a free website where you can make money online with zero investment. You can do some different tasks like online surveys and much more. You can also get a cashback option on this website when doing online shopping through this app.

  • Search Feature points in google and open this website.
  • Fill some details like email and username to earn money in Paytm.

10. RozDhan app

Do you want to make money online just by playing games? Yes, this is true, you can make money from this app by playing the game. You can also make money by reading some news.
  • Invite your friends and make money from this app.
  • Get rs 50 signup bonus in this app
  1. Download this app from play store and run it
  2. Enter your mobile number to use this app.

These days Paytm cash is a better option to receive money from any app. This is the fastest and secure way to get money. So that's why people search online on how to win Paytm cash.

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These apps are genuine and pay your money in 2-3 days directly in your Paytm account. You can use all these apps to make more money in a day.

Share this article with your friends if they are also interested in winning Paytm cash.

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