online jobs from home for students.(make $100-300) Step by step guidence.

Most smartphones are used by students so that they can solve any problem in their study. But now things have changed, and students want to earn money along with their studies. They want to earn money online as a part-time job. So these are the best and good part-time jobs for students.

If you are a student and have completed your study, then you must also be doing this search on the internet, how can students earn money sitting at home.

Many students are poor and cannot complete their studies, so they think that they can achieve their education by earning money online.

Today I will discuss some fantastic website where you can earn money with your study.
online jobs from home for students

1. Youtube

You all are used youtube to watch your favourite serial, song, funny video, and technology-related videos. This becomes the best way to earn money if you are a student. If you have any talent or skills, then you can share it with other people, so they learn something new from you.

Youtube is the 1st online platform which pays more money to their user. You can start to earn money from youtube by following these methods.
  • If you have the creativity and make videos in tech, funny videos, online teaching, and much more. Then start your own channel to publish videos on youtube.
  • Make videos on trending topics to gain 1,000 subscribers to complete 4,000 watch time on monetization on your channel.
  • When your videos go viral, you can increase your subscribers and as well as your earning.

2. blog 

Yes, you can also earn from a blog. You can start a blog for free. Google provides blogs for free, where you do not have to pay any money. You can name your website as you wish.

After creating a blog, you have to write content. If you do not have talent, you have any knowledge, you can write about it, and after that, you can get ADS from Google on your website, from which you will earn.
  • You can use to create a free site.
  • Choose the name of your website and do not take your website name more than 2 keywords.

3. Fiverr

Fiverr is an online platform where many richest people hire workers to complete their works.

We can get too many jobs like Data entry, logo designing, website creator, content writing, backlinks creator, or much more you can find a job according to your work. 
  • Create your account on Fiverr by using your email address.
  • Then add your skills like if you have any talent in any field, then write in your bio to help other people to find you.
  • You must create gigs on Fiverr.

4. Sell affiliate products.

You can create your account on Amazon and Flipkart as affiliate marketing. If you have some friends in your circle, then you can share those products. When they buy those products with your link, then you can get a commission from Amazon and Flipkart.

You can share those products on Whatsapp, Facebook, or on if you have your website.
  • Create an account on amazon affiliate marketing to promote their products.
  • Copy that link and share it on your social platforms.

5. Data entry jobs

You can earn as much you want from the data entry job. There are too many websites where you can do online data entry jobs and get paid as much you want. But you have some knowledge in data entry jobs to earn money online.

These are the website where you can do online data entry jobs.
  • Freelancing
  • Microworker
  • freelancer
  • Fiverr
  • up worker
  • people per hour

6. Shop101

This is the best way to earn money online by open our online shop through this website. You can use this website to sell products on your social media platform.
This app allows you to earn money as much as you want.
  • Open shop101 and create your account with your phone number.
  • On this website, you can see too many online products like clothes and others.
  • You can set your own margin on products that you won't sell or promote on your social media.

7. Meesho app

This is the same app as well as Shop101. You can also add products to this app and sell them by setting your own margin. Both websites help you to earn more money in a short time.

8. toluna

On this website, you can make money by doing online surveys, download apps, and much more. You can trust this website, and you can start your earning from this website is absolutely free of cost.
  • Search this website on google and click on sign up button
  • Fill your personal details to start earning from this website.
  • You can also earn money by referring this website to your friends.

9. Sell old photos

Yes, you can make money online by selling your old photos. There is to the website that is available on the internet that pays for old photos. They can use sell that's a pic to leading company, and then they will pay you.

These are the website that pays for your old photos.
  • Snapwire
  • Getty Images
  • Shutter stock
  • Dreamstime

10. Copy-paste

Yes, you hear right, you can earn money by copy paste work. There are a lot of top websites which can not hire staff because it becomes expensive. So they hire people online, and they give then work.

You can easily do this job if you are a student. So these are websites that allow copy paste work.
  • Fiverr
  • people per hour
  • freelancing


These are the best online part-time jobs for students if they want to earn money online with their studies. You can use all these methods to improve your making in a week.

My article will help you if your online searching jobs from home for students. Moreover, students are the future of the next generation, and they can easily do any work.

You can start earning from these methods if you work a little bit hard. These methods are effortless and a hundred per cent genuine.

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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