Meesho app: Earn 35,000 rupees from this app

This is a time to earn 35,000 per month with the Meesho app. Grab this opportunity and I will tell you everything in this article step by step.

how to register yourself on the Meesho app, how to resell products and how to earn money by sitting at home.

I have brought an app for you which you can run from your old mobile phone without spending a single penny, whether you are tenth pass or less qualified or more qualified, you will be able to earn from this app.

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For your information, let me tell you that you can open this app on your new old mobile phone in Hindi language, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, and any Indian languages.

Meesho app

Free of cost registration can be done and earned. Let me quickly tell you that this is an app that runs in the background in a way, it means that you are supported in every way. You have to suck the items in how you can sell them further.
Play games from your mobile phone sitting at your home, you have to suck only some products from this app and add your margin to it, on top of that you get the facility that you can do different items on it.

Keep your margins as much as you want and after that, make them online and in 8 to 10 days, which are selling the based items to the contact customer in the market?
If the customer did not like the product, then the return has to be done. This whole mess is the head of this app.

Without spending a penny from your home, you have to sell online from your mobile phone and keep a good profit in the middle, how to do all this, let me tell you in this article right now.

What is a meesho app?

Reselling with Meesho is a way of running your own business with zero investment.

This app allows adding your own margin on the products and make your own profit. You can share those products with your margin, on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, and other apps.

How to use the meesho app?

  • To use meesho is very simple and easy. Now I will tell you everything in detail. Follow mine below steps to know more.

  • The first step is to download the meesho app in the play store or app store.
  • Search the meesho app in the play store and click on the download button.

Meesho app

  • Now run this app on your mobile phone and you see a new interface in this app.
  • Click on the continue button and it asks your mobile number to verify.
  • Enter your mobile number in the meesho app to process the next steps. 
  • Click on the continue option.

Meesho app

  • Now you can see a new interface, where you can watch a short video about this app.
  • You can watch to know more, how this app work and how to earn with zero investment.
  • Select your language and click on I already know how meesho works.

Meesho app

  • Now enter your age and gender to this app.
  • Choose your profession and click on continue option.

Meesho app

How to earn from the meesho app?

  • Now everything is done and you can go on the collection option.
  • Now select a product which you want to sell someone.
  • Share details on WhatsApp and on another platform.

Meesho app

  • If your product is selected by your friend or wants to buy then add your margin.

How to add a margin on the meesho app?

  • Now go to the product which is selected by your friend.
  • Add that product to Card option and choose the size of that product.

Meesho app

  • Now choose the payment option and click on the proceed option.
  • Now you can see a new interface where you can add your own margin.
  • It depends upon you how much you want to earn from this app.
Meesho app

  • Now click on the proceed option and enter your friend address who wants to buy this product.
  • You can get your payment in one week after delivery.
  • If a customer wants to return that product, you don't worry about that because it all depends on this app.

Meesho app

The second way to earn money from the meesho app.

  • Now, come back to the homepage and click on the Account option in the bottom bar.
  • Click on refer and earn. Share your referral code with your friends.
  • If they download this app from your referral code then you can get money.

Meesho app

How to redeem money from the meesho app?

  • Now again click on account option in the bottom bar and click on My bank details.
  • Now enter your account number and IFSC code.
  • Then click on submit option to add your account in the meesho app.

Meesho app

My opinion.

I cross-check this app and it is 100 per cent a genuine app to earn money by sitting at home.

This app allows setting your own margin on the products. This is the best part-time job for everyone.

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