Work from home jobs: earn Rs 35,000 per month.

In this year 2020, everyone wants to earn money from home due to lockdown. So most of the peoples search work from home jobs to earn some income in their free time.

In this era, the internet is now spread all over the world, and we can do everything from home. To earn money from home is also possible by sitting at home but it takes some little bit of work hard.

There are many online jobs work from home are available, and you can earn up to 35,000 rupees by sitting at home with zero investment.

So today, I will tell you top freelancing jobs that help you to make money online. I cross-check these jobs, and I think these are genuine work from home jobs.

1. online data entry jobs work from home

There are many most significant industries exits in this era, and they always concentrate on saving more and more money. These companies help you to make money with online data entry jobs from home.
Work from home jobs

These companies hire online workers for their data entry tasks because this is the cheapest way to save money. 

You can make 1,500 rupees per hour with data entry jobs in 2020. This is a great way to earn money online from home without registration fees.

There are too many online platforms where you can do it. Read my full article.

Read more.

2. Freelancer jobs work from home.

I think everyone knows about freelancing jobs because this is the largest platform where people earn in millions. Yes, this is true. People easily make thousands in a day by sitting at home.

You can do below work on freelancing sites to earn money.

work from home content writing jobs

If you have some skills to write something perfectly, then freelancing is an excellent source for you to earn 400 rupees per page.

Work from home jobs

Many bloggers always find a good content writer for their posts. They pay money as much you want.

Content writing can be a good source of earning for students, whos has some ability to write.

Logo designing.

You will get shocked when you hear this thing. You can earn 10,000 Rupees by designing 1 logo. Yes, this is true.

Many big companies hire people to design their company logo. Because they always focus on doing something different from others.

We all hear that the first impression is the last impression. They work on this thing to gather user intension.


I know everyone wants to do this work because this is simple and easy to do. You can also earn $3 per hour with these jobs.
Work from home jobs

This is great for work from home jobs in India.

Where we find these freelancing jobs.

  • Fiverr
  • truelancer
  • microworkers
  • freelancing
  • Upwork
  • peopleperhour

3. Part-time work from home jobs.

Many online jobs are available on the internet, which allows earning money. Some high below part-time jobs for everyone. This has become a good source of work from home part-time jobs.

1. Toluna

This is an excellent website to earn money as a part-time job. This is the biggest company whose pay to share your opinions on products and others.

You can do some online surveys and earn 25,000 per month from this website by sitting at home.

2. Voquent

Do you know, you can sell your voice and earn thousands of rupees by sitting at home with zero investment. Yes absolutely you can earn

Many online companies find the best voice actor for their company advertisement. If you have some talent, then you can earn 500 per day.

You can read the full article here on the voquent. You can earn money from this as an online work from home jobs.

3. Sell photos online

Yes, you can sell your own old photos and earn 1,000 per image if it is unique. Many online companies need some excellent photos for their website or advertisements.
Work from home jobs

They can buy an image if they like, and you can get $5 per image.

4. Reselling

You can earn money online by open your online shop free of cost and make 35,000 per month by sitting at home.

You can resell any products to your friends, relative, and other group members. You can set your own margin in products and earn as much you want.

These two sites help you to open an online shop and earn as much you want.

5. Captcha solving jobs

Yes, you can earn money with captcha solving jobs and that too with zero investment by sitting at home.

Many companies hire online people to fill the online captcha and make money. You can earn $2 per 1000 captcha solving.

4. online jobs work from home without registration fee

You can start your earning online free of cost. You just need a smartphone and internet connection, then you can make as much you want.
Work from home jobs

Below are some methods where you can earn with zero fees registration.


We all love to watch new videos on youtube, but you don't know it also helps to earn money free of cost.

You can start your own channel according to your talent and make 15,000 per month starting.

Just find your talent and work hard on it. Youtube allows sharing expertise in any field like tech, gaming, website, PHP, education, and other problems.


A blog is another way to earn money online, free of cost. You can start your own website and place ads on it to make money.

You can show your talent on the blog with your audience in any field like tech, sports, surveys, and much more.

Most people search on google instead of youtube, so a blog is a great opportunity who wants to make money online.

Affiliate marketing.

These days people love to do online shopping instead of window shopping. It saves time and money.
Work from home jobs

You can become an affiliate marketer and share products on social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, blog, telegram, and much more.

Affiliate marketing helps to earn more money than other advertising platforms. You can get up to 10 percent commission from affiliate marketing when any user buys products with your link.

Below are platforms to use affiliate marketing.
  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • eBay
  • snapdeal

Work from home typing jobs.

Yes, we can earn money by typing jobs. Many online platforms are available on the internet.

We can earn 15,000 per month with typing jobs. We can do typing jobs according to our niche.

Below platforms provide work from home typing jobs.
  • Fiverr
  • truelancer
  • freelancing
  • up works
  • peopleperhour


These are the best way to earn money in lockdown 2020. You just work a little bit harder, and after that, your earning will start in a month.

Work from home jobs is an excellent opportunity for students, housewives, and others who already do a job and earn some extra income from the internet by sitting at home.
Work from home jobs

Mine this article about work from home jobs not make you billionaire, but you can make thousands of rupees instead of a waste of time.

You can absolutely try these methods to earn money online without investment. Leave a comment below and share this post on social media.


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