How to earn money from Youtube in 2020.

Youtube word is heard by everyone, and I think no one on the earth isn't used youtube. We watch many videos on youtube like funny videos, tech, teaching, and earn money related videos. Then we also think about how to earn money from youtube.
how to earn money from youtube

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Youtube is the best platform to show our talent in any field. When we publish videos on youtube, more and more audiences connect with us, and our channel just grows in a short time.

Today I will tell you how to earn money from youtube, so read this article.

1. Create your account

To start your channel first off, you have a Gmail account to use youtube because this a platform of google, so the Gmail account is necessary.

Then choose your channel name. You can also use your own personal name to start a channel. This method helps you to gain name and fame. When you become famous on youtube, people will know you with your name and as well as your talent.

2. Upload videos

You can upload two videos in a week, but keep one thing in your mind, videos will be unique and informative. When people get the right information from your video, then they subscribe to your channel, and also they share your video with their friends.

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Upload, you're with full details and use the best title of your videos. Use the best and attractive thumbnail for your videos. Thumbnail will increase the chances of click on your videos.

You must use Tags in your videos because it helps the search engine to find your videos when some search on youtube. You can also use hashtags in your videos to show your videos in search results and in suggestions.

3. Gain subscribers

Another step is to gain youtube subscribers to earn money from this platform. Upload high-quality content so people can love your channel.

Make videos on trending topics because it chances to grow your channel in a short time. When your video viral, then the number of subscribers also increases.

Make good content and try to send your videos in Youtube search or Youtube suggestion. These two methods help a lot to gain views on your videos.

4. Monetize your channel with Adsense

When you hit 1,000 subscribers, and complete 4,000 watch time, then you can send your channel for monetization. You use your own thumbnails, videos and didn't spoil youtube policy guideline other your channel cant monetize.

When your channel fully monetizes with Google Adsense, then you can show ads on your videos. You can earn money on every view, and this platform provides silver and gold play button when you hit one lac and one million subscribers, respectively.

5. Earn money from sponsorships

You can earn money from Google Adsense, but with that, you can also earn money by doing a review of products. This is the best way to make money from youtube. There are many leading companies promote their product from youtube, and they pay up to $500 per product review.

But you can only get sponsorships when you have large numbers of followers and excellent views on your videos. 

6. Affiliate marketing

Yes, you can also earn money from affiliate marketing on youtube. You can promote any product in your own videos. If your audience follows all your steps, then they absolutely buy those products which want to sell.

Simply you can make a video on that product and tell some benefits of that product. Then your audience wants to buy that product, and you simply put that product link in the description.

Your audience buys that product with your link, and affiliate marketing gives you your commission.


Earn money from youtube is not easy for everyone. It takes some time, and you pay more attention to your content. This has become a great source of income for you if you do some work hard on it.

My article on how to earn money from youtube helps you to understand the basic things and how to start and grow a channel. 

Share this article with your friends and relatives. If you have any questions, then leave a comment below.


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