Earn money online : these 9 ways helps you to make $300 in 15 days.

Everyone wants to EARN MONEY ONLINE to fulfil their daily basic needs. Earn money online is simple these days because many online platforms are available who give chance and knowledge about how to earn money online.

How to Earn Money Online in 2020?

Earn money online is so easy when we heard or talk about it, but this is not so easy for everyone. First of all, You have some knowledge to earn money online without investment.

If you are new or want to earn money, then I will share the most straightforward ways where you can start your making in less than 30 days. You have to do some little bit of work hard.

Many people search for this thing on youtube and on google, but they can't earn money because nowadays competition too much increased.

I will tell you that platforms where you can start to earn money online in less competition and make more cash.

Here is the list of top and easiest ways to earn money online.
how to earn money online

1. Freelancing

Freelancing is a platform where beginners also earn a large chunk of the amount in less than 10 days. Freelancing is the simplest way for everyone to make money online.

Many Indian people search about how to earn money online in India and I think this is a good platform for you.

In this field, you just need to create your account and write about something about your talent, which you can do easily or in less time.

In this platform, large companies will hire you, and you can earn $100 in a day. If you have a talent like writing, website designing or much more then show it.

Freelancing provides thousands of new work to their workers, and they earn from this field. You need to do work hard, and I will promise you can make in lacs in the next few months.

Here is the list of top freelancing sites where you can show your talent and earn money online.
  • Truelancer
  • freelancing
  • Upwork
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Fiverr

How to make money online with google in 2020?

2. Google

Do you want to know how to earn money online with google, then you read the below lines.

When we have any problem in study, health, to repair something or search something, then we only know or think about google.

This platform also gives a chance you to make money online free of cost. Yes, you can use Google products free of charge and earn in millions.

Google has become an excellent platform, and we can use this platform to earn money online.

Here are google platforms where you can earn money online.
how to earn money online


Youtube is a platform of Google, and with this platform, you can not only earn money, but you can also get fame, and people will know you love you.

If you have any talent like teaching, tech, review, funny, or much more then come on youtube and share with billion peoples.


Many people are not so much aware of google blogger. This is a free platform where you can create your own website and write about your talent.

You can share your knowledge with others, and they can also learn something new. You can share many things on blog-like, yoga tips, earning methods, teaching, problem-solving, and much more.

You can show Google Adsense ads on your website and earn money daily. But you have to work differently from others to rank on google.

Google map

Yes, guys, you heard absolutely right. You can use google map only find locations, but this amazing also give a chance to earn money.

You can visit on google maps site and learn more about it. You can earn money from this platform and as well as you can also get foreign trips.

How to earn money online without investment in 2020?

3. Tiktok

I think everyone knows about this hot and trending app. Tiktok hits daily thousands of fans on their platform and people like other videos. You can earn money online in India without investment with this platform.

Do you know one thing you can also earn money from TikTok? Yes, and this is possible to make and upload videos on this platform.

From my point of view, this is a simple, secure, and exciting platform where you can make money online. You can make $500 per sponsorship on TikTok, so choose this option and earn money online.

4. Affiliate marketing

How to earn money from affiliate marketing then I will tell you, Affiliate marketing has also come in the top list of earn money online. You can share products of Amazon, Flipkart, snap deal, and other platforms.

You can get a commission when you share the product on Facebook, Whatsapp, TikTok, and when someone buys it you can earn money.

This is a free platform where no need to do work hard, so come on this and make $30 in a day when you are a beginner.

You can also share an affiliate link on your blog. When people visit on your blog and have possibilities, they can buy those products.

5. Data Entry

Nowadays this work is trending, and you definitely choose it because it gives a chance to make $20 per hour. Yes, this is true.

Many largest companies in the world which gives this opportunity by sitting at home and earn money online.

Data entry jobs are not quite simple, but you can earn by per hour, so this is the great work for everyone.

6. Facebook

Yes, I know you are using Facebook for a long time but don't know how to earn money from Facebook. Facebook is a popular platform where you can make money online by sitting at home 2020.

Facebook start more work on its platform to competitive google products. These platforms have millions of users, and less are know about earn from Facebook.

7. Instagram

how to earn money online

We all use Instagram to upload stories of our daily routines. Do you know you can earn $100 in a day with your story post?

This platform is brought by Facebook, and many online companies give sponsorship on Instagram.

8. Online surveys

Yes, you can make the right amount of money by doing some online reviews. Many online largest companies give money to complete online surveys.

Companies want to know about your choice, range, money, so they fill online surveys to gather this type of information from you, and they will pay you according to this.

9. Captcha solving jobs

You definitely know about captcha when open any website and fill that correctly. This is only to stop spam on the site.

But do you know? You can earn $500 from online captcha solving jobs, and that's too by sitting at home.

This is an easy and unique way to earn money online, so grab this opportunity in your free time.

how to earn money online

These jobs are beneficial for everyone because you can do this as part-time jobs. These methods help to earn money online by sitting at home with no investment.

You can do some work hard on these online earning methods because without hardworking is nothing to make.

Leave your essential comments below and share this post with your relatives and friends so they can also know how to earn money online 2020.

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