Earn $500 with best ways to earn money online in 2020.

Everyone wants to find something new to make money online. So, many people try to search on the Internet on how to earn money online in India. Many best part-time earning methods can help you to make money online.

Read my article, and I will discuss some fantastic earning methods with you. So read this article.

how to earn money online in india

Do you want to earn $500 by solving captcha?


Yes, you can also earn from a blog. You can start a blog for free. Google provides blogs for free, where you do not have to pay any money. You can name your website as you wish.

After creating a blog, you have to write content. If you do not have talent, you have any knowledge, you can write about it, and after that, you can get ADS from Google on your website, from which you will earn.
  • You can use blogger.com to create a free site.
  • Choose the name of your website and do not take your website name more than 2 keywords.

By teaching

Teaching is an excellent way if you want to earn money online. The Internet is not just searching for something. It is such a thing that gives you a chance to share it with talent.

If you have any teaching talent that no one can do better than you, then you can show your skill on the Internet. Many people in the world want to learn something new every day, then you can help them to learn something new.

Find out the talent inside you and make it your career and move ahead, you will be successful after seeing it.

From being a writer

Whenever you do some searching on the Internet, a lot of websites open in front of you, and when you open them, then you can see an article. You get information about your work from them. If you also have this talent that you too can write something and give the right information to the people, then writing can be a good option for you.

Many websites give content writing jobs to write something for them. Those websites can give you $ 7 to $ 15 for an article. It may be the best thing that you want to do and write.


Fiverr is an online platform where many richest people hire workers to complete their works.

We can get too many jobs like Data entry, logo designing, website creator, content writing, backlinks creator, or much more you can find a job according to your work. 
  • Create your account on Fiverr by using your email address.
  • Then add your skills like if you have any talent in any field, then write in your bio to help other people to find you.
  • You must create gigs on Fiverr.

 Sell affiliate products.

You can create your account on Amazon and Flipkart as affiliate marketing. If you have some friends in your circle, then you can share those products. When they buy those products with your link, then you can get a commission from Amazon and Flipkart.

You can share those products on Whatsapp, Facebook, or on if you have your website.
  • Create an account on amazon affiliate marketing to promote their products.
  • Copy that link and share it on your social platforms.

Facebook groups

If you have good followers, then you can create a Facebook group. If thousands of followers are added to your page, then any company will contact you to sponsor their products.

You can publish articles on that page, and if you have a website, you can send your followers to the site.

If you have an app of your own, then you can share it in the group, which will make your app more downloadable.

sell own brand

Nowadays, there are many websites online that give you free online shops. You can add products to those shops, and you can sell that product with as much profit as you want.

In your group, you can share the link of that website and share its link in the post, from which you will earn.


You all know that Facebook has acquired Instagram and has added a new feature in it called IGTV and on which you can upload your 1-minute longer video like we do on YouTube.

If your followers are right, then you can easily monetize them, and your videos will have an ad show like YouTube shows. Whichever user will watch your video and will have a show ads, you will also be earning.

Promote other accounts

Yes, you heard right, imagine that if you have a photography niche and another person also work on the same niche. So he quickly contacts you if you have good followers on your account and that one pays you to promote their account your Instagram account.
You can charge as much you want because you have the same niche and thousands of active users on your account.


These are the best part-time jobs for everyone. If you want to earn money online, then this article helps you to make some money.

Share this article with your friends and relatives, so they also earn money online by reading this article.

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